Learn about Patient Participation Groups

Since April 2016, it has been a mandatory requirement for all GP practices in England to form a Patient Participation Group. We like to call ours our Patient Support Group.

Patient Groups are now a well established and extremely useful part of all English GP surgeries. 

A Patient Group is simply a few like-minded patients, who meet for an hour every two months or so and in so doing, are able to contribute towards the continuous improvement of practice services and quality of care.  

Our group observes strict patient confidentiality, so personal matters are never discussed, only items of general patient concern.

An elected Group Manager (chairperson) is appointed and is responsible for:

  • The organisation of group meetings.
  • The preparation and delivery of a meeting agenda.
  • Providing an overview of the meeting (minutes) for each group member and for the surgery management.

The Group Manager will as far as possible, ensure any actions agreed at a meeting, are progressed.

For logistical and practical reasons, Patient Group membership numbers sometimes have to be restricted but should existing patients require any futher information, please leave name and email address at surgery reception, marked Patient Support Group Information Required and we will be pleased to send further details to you.


Patient Participation Groups - Simply patients caring about patients

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Patient Group Online

Your Opinion is Important

We value the opinion of our patients, so in addition to our Patient Participation Group members, who attend meetings, we occasionally like to contact other patients by e-mail.

If you would like to be part of our 'e-mail contact' patient group, please leave your name and email address with your surgery reception marked Online Patient Group information required and we will be in touch.